Mykonos Budget Hotels


Although the island of Mykonos is famous for being one of the top luxury destinations in the Aegean Sea, an increasing number of budget travellers have been interested in exploring an alternative side of Mykonos. As a result, numerous hotels and other lodging facilities have been offering budget-friendly accommodation in some of the most charming areas on the island, including amazing beaches, picturesque villages, and of course, the photogenic Mykonos Town. Below, you will discover some of the best budget hotels with excellent facilities for your accommodation in Mykonos.

Discover some of the best budget hotels in Mykonos with us:

1. Mycocoon Hostel

Town | Website
Mycocoon Hostel

Mycocoon Hostel in Town

Popular among adventurous travellers who want to experience the best of Mykonos while staying on a budget, Mycocoon Hostel has a convenient location in the area of the Old Port in Mykonos Town. The hostel is modern and it combines a Cycladic cave house design with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Private and shared rooms with single and double beds are offered, while among the hostel’s shared facilities you will also find a terrace with a bar and a great view of the surroundings.

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2. Hotel Charissi

Town - 3 Stars | Website
Hotel Charissi

Hotel Charissi in Town

Situated close to the lively center of Mykonos Town, Hotel Charissi offers cozy and spacious rooms with a calming atmosphere and minimal decoration. Their traditional design is enhanced by charming decorative details, including arches, paintings and elegant furniture pieces. Most rooms open to private balconies, while some of them feature a terrace, which will allow you to admire the sea from a distance. Housekeeping service is provided and port or airport transfers are also available.

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3. Stavroula Studios

Town - 2 Keys | Website
Stavroula Studios

Stavroula Studios in Town

The Cycladic building complex of Stavroula Studios can be found in a peaceful environment near Mykonos Town, in Agioi Apostoloi. Providing a swimming pool, the hotel offers well-equipped studios for your accommodation at an affordable price.

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4. Dimitra Pension

Town - 3 Keys
Dimitra Pension

Dimitra Pension in Town

Offering rooms with an all-white Cycladic design, Dimitra Pension provides an amazing setting with a cozy ambience for your accommodation in Mykonos Town. Thanks to the hotel’s location, a short walk is all it takes to reach the Town’s most charming spots and the local places of interest. The hotel rooms come with private bathrooms with a shower and a fridge is provided as well. Most of them open to private balconies or verandas.

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5. Mykonos Town Suites

Town - 2 Keys | Website
Mykonos Town Suites

Mykonos Town Suites in Town

Mykonos Town Suites promises an authentic Cycladic experience by offering accommodation in affordable and beautifully designed apartments and studios that are fully equipped. Most of them come with a private kitchenette or kitchen, as well as a seating and dining area. Their style is a combination of minimal Cycladic design and bright-colored details that create a lovely atmosphere. All the necessary amenities are provided and the hotels also feature a garden with furnished outdoor seating areas.

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6. Myconian Inn

Town - 1 Stars | Website
Myconian Inn

Myconian Inn in Town

The stylish hotel Myconian Inn boasts spectacular views of the sea in Mykonos Town. Built according to the local standards of architecture, the hotel offers budget-friendly accommodation in traditionally decorated rooms and suites with a simple, yet elegant interior design. Traditional pieces of wooden furniture or unique works of art have been used to decorate each room. Breakfast and drinks can also be provided, while WiFi access is offered as well.

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7. Saha Suites

Tagoo - 3 Keys | Website
Saha Suites

Saha Suites in Town

Situated close to the center of Mykonos Town and surrounded by a beautiful landscape of Cycladic countryside, Saha Suites is a collection of suites that are a great option for those seeking affordable luxury in Mykonos. Each one of the suites has been carefully designed, incorporating many elements of the style of traditional cave houses. Wooden details, built-in showers and other signature features can be found in every suite, while one of them is equipped with an outdoor jacuzzi.

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8. Carbonaki Hotel

Town - 3 Stars | Website
Carbonaki Hotel

Carbonaki Hotel in Town

Located in Mykonos Town, close to all the local landmarks and tourist facilities, Carbonaki Hotel offers you the opportunity to combine budget-friendly accommodation with an elegant Cycladic design. Its beautiful rooms have a minimal all-white style and they are equipped with all the modern amenities required for a comfortable experience of accommodation. In addition, the hotel provides a pool and a bar. Breakfast is available and the reception desk is open 24 hours a day.

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9. Hotel Anatolia

Ano Mera - 4 Stars | Website
Hotel Anatolia

Hotel Anatolia in Ornos

Featuring a swimming pool with sunbeds and a breakfast room to start your mornings, Hotel Anatolia provides different kinds of rooms and suites for all budgets and preferences. The hotel’s economy rooms have minimal decoration and they all come with private bathrooms, as well as various useful amenities. Hotel Anatolia has a traditional style of architecture and it is surrounded by fields. Its location is peaceful and quiet and the village of Ano Mera has a picturesque atmosphere.

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10. Anixi Hotel

Ornos - 1 Stars | Website
Anixi Hotel

Anixi Hotel in Ornos

The seafront Anixi Hotel can be found near Ornos, one of the most popular beaches in Mykonos. AMong the hotel’s outdoor facilities, you will discover a swimming pool, a car parking area, a garden and furnished outdoor seating areas. Its rooms have a relaxing atmosphere and a traditional Cycladic style, while the housing capacity varies, from 1 to 6 guests per room. Free bath amenities are also provided and housekeeping service is offered daily.

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11. Hotel Matina

Town - 2 Stars | Website
Hotel Matina

Hotel Matina in Town

Hotel Matina is situated in Mykonos Town and it is surrounded by a kush green garden, full of dense greenery and flowers. The hotel provides economy rooms with a minimal design and many of them are suitable for families that consist of up to 5 people. The relaxing atmosphere guarantees peace and tranquility for every guest, while convenient services are also offered at the hotel, including breakfast. Housekeeping service is provided on a daily basis as well.

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12. Bellou Suites

Town - 3 Keys | Website
Bellou Suites

Bellou Suites in Town

Conveniently located in Mykonos Town, Bellou Suites can be found among the picturesque neighborhoods of Mykonos. It has whitewashed walls and a charming outdoor seating area with a great view of the sea and the surroundings. Each room or suite has a housing capacity of 2 people and a unique style that is either modern or inspired by the Cycladic tradition. A cozy ambience will make your vacation unforgettable and all the necessary amenities will be provided.

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13. Hotel Nazos

Agios Sostis - 3 Keys | Website
Hotel Nazos

Hotel Nazos in Agios Sostis

Offering a stunning view of the Aegean Sea, the magical Cycladic sunset and the famous windmills of Mykonos Town, Hotel Nazos guarantees an unforgettable experience of Mykonian beauty. Its budget rooms and suites have a unique design that combines traditional and modern aesthetics, while bath products, air-conditioning and flat-screen TVs are offered among other amenities. Each room opens to a private balcony and the hotel features a colorful garden as well.

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14. Ibiscus Boutique

Town - 2 Stars | Website
Ibiscus Boutique

Ibiscus Boutique in Town

Overlooking the sea and the windmills of Mykonos Town, Ibiscus Boutique can be found on a hill, offering an amazing setting for your accommodation in Mykonos. The hotel provides a variety of excellent facilities, including a bar and a breakfast lounge with a wonderful view. Its rooms have a modern design that has been heavily influenced by the Cycladic landscape and architecture. Unique elements of design can be found in each room and some of the units have a larger housing capacity, which makes them a great accommodation option for families.

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15. Hotel Gorgona

Tagoo - 2 Stars | Website
Hotel Gorgona

Hotel Gorgona in Tagoo

Ensuring magnificent views of the sea in the area of Tagoo, Hotel Gorgona offers budget rooms that can accommodate 2 or 3 guests, that have a modern design and a sophisticated atmosphere, as well as additional stylish features. Among its shared facilities, you will find a breakfast lounge, a swimming pool and a sunbathing deck with sun loungers where you can relax and enjoy the views. Shuttle service can also be provided if needed and a car parking area can be found outside the hotel.

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16. Sofia Village

Town - 3 Stars | Website
Sofia Village

Sofia Village in Town

Sofia Village is a Cycladic building complex in the heart of Mykonos Town. Featuring a swimming pool with sunbeds, the hotel guarantees an amazing time in Mykonos. Its budget rooms and studios have a housing capacity between 2 and 5 guests, while some of them are suitable for families. The hotel’s rooms have a traditional style that will make you feel at-home, with elegant furniture, stone-built details and other beautiful elements of design. A variety of services are also available upon request, including spa treatments.

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17. Villa Margarita

Megali Ammos - 4 Keys | Website
Villa Margarita

Villa Margarita in Megali Ammos

Providing a stunning view of the Cycladic countryside, the sea and a few windmills, Villa Margarita offers budget accommodation very close to the beach of Megali Ammos. The villa’s rooms have a minimal Cycladic style and they are well-equipped, while private kitchenettes are also provided in some of them. All the rooms are spacious and bright, with an inviting atmosphere and beautiful details of design. They open to a furnished terrace and you will also find a small garden, while port or airport shuttle service is offered if required.

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18. Anemoessa Boutique Hotel

Kalafatis - 4 Stars | Website
Anemoessa Boutique Hotel

Anemoessa Boutique Hotel in Kalafatis

The charming Anemoessa Boutique Hotel has been designed to offer an amazing experience of accommodation in the area of Kalafatis, not far from the beach. In addition to its magical sea views, the hotel provides a large swimming pool, a breakfast lounge and a restaurant where you can try delicious Mediterranean dishes. The rooms of Anemoessa Boutique Hotel have been carefully decorated in a light blue and white color palette for a soothing effect and you will also find decorative works of art that are inspired by the landscape of Mykonos.

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19. Hotel Adonis

Town - 3 Stars | Website
Hotel Adonis

Hotel Adonis in Town

Hotel Adonis is located at a short walking distance from the center of Mykonos Town. It offers stunning sea views and an ideal atmosphere for a relaxing holiday in Mykonos. Its rooms can accommodate from 2 to 4 guests, including families, and they have a modern interior design. Some of them have been equipped with extra features for a touch of luxury, including a jacuzzi. All the rooms open to a furnished patio, terrace or balcony and various amenities are offered as well.

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20. Matogianni Hotel

Town - 2 Stars | Website
Matogianni Hotel

Matogianni Hotel in Town

The modern facilities of Matogianni Hotel are situated in the center of Mykonos Town, near various facilities and charming alleys. The hotel offers economy rooms that can accommodate 2 guests, which feature private bathrooms. They are air-conditioned and have a cozy atmosphere, while a flat-screen TV is provided among other amenities. Room cleaning service is offered on a daily basis, while private port or airport transfers can be arranged upon request.

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21. Cyclades studios

Ornos - 3 Stars | Website
Cyclades studios

Cyclades studios in Ornos

The traditional building complex of Cyclades Studios has a purely Cycladic atmosphere and an excellent location in Ornos, only a few meters away from the beach. Each one of the studios can house 2 or 3 guests and they have a friendly atmosphere, as well as a minimal, yet beautiful style. They are spacious and bright, with private bathrooms and a wide variety of additional amenities. A garden and a car parking area can be found outside the hotel, while most studios come with a kitchen so that you can prepare your meals.

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22. Argo Hotel

Platis Gialos - 4 Stars | Website
Argo Hotel

Argo Hotel in Platis Gialos

Built just a few steps away from the sandy beach of Platis Gialos, Argo Hotel can be found in an amazing setting. It offers different types of rooms, including economy and family-friendly options. They have a modern style and are well equipped, with private bathrooms where you will find free toiletries, as well as other amenities. Numerous shared facilities are provided, such as a swimming pool with sunbeds, a breakfast room to start your days and a stylish bar.

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