Introduction & General Information

Koufonisia island is part of the cluster of islands called the Small Cyclades. The islands of Koufonisia are nestled between the islands of Naxos and Amorgos. The wonderful nature of Koufonisia will take your breath away. Take boat rides on lazy afternoons or opt for a day of bar hopping packed with music and delve into the hospitable and delightful charm of the people of Koufonisia.

These islands promise sun and sand, rest and relaxation away from the noise of daily life. On Koufonisia, you won't even realize how time passes by and day turns into the night but not before giving you a breathtaking glimpse of the sun setting into the sea. After dusk, it's time for evening lights and an invitation to join the celebration. The locals celebrate life every day and you would find it difficult to stay away from this whirlpool of excitement.

Here we will take you on a virtual tour of Koufonisia and you can get an insight into the spirit that makes these people who they are. Watch out for the natural splendor and charm that Koufonissa has to offer. Untouched beauty, as it is sometimes referred to, Koufonisia are replete with greenery and the myriad colors of nature showcased even in the basic vegetation.

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