Koufonisia Festivals & Cultural Events

Koufonisia is one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the Cyclades but being there gives you the chance to see the religious and non-religious character of the island through the traditional feasts and local celebrations.

Religious feasts & festivals

Agios Georgios
The feast day of Agios Georgios, the saint protector of this island is celebrated with a great feast. Every year, a different local named after the saint passes round the icon to the whole island. The streets are filled with flowers. At the end of the feast, the icon returns to the church where food is served in all the inhabitants and visitors.

Easter celebration is even more interesting when it takes place in Koufonisia. On the Holy Friday, the night sky is light up from the torches.

August 15th
The celebration of Panagia (Virgin Mary) on the 15th of August. The venue is a little ahead of the church of Kato Koufonisi. The service is usually followed by free food. While returning to Pano Koufonisi in fishing boats, people often compete with each other. The victory here is again celebrated by a feast.

Cultural events

Fisherman Festival
The Fisherman Festival takes place every June in Koufonisia. The fishermen cook fish soup and serve it to visitors. This is followed by traditional music and dancing.