Koufonisia Architecture

South-east of Naxos lies a small group of Greek islands known as Koufonisia, one of the most characteristic Cycladic islands in Greece. All the houses and the few remaining buildings stand out for their bright white and blue colors which create a unique harmony with the endless Aegean Sea. The island's fairytale scenery is impressive and a long walk through the narrow paths will reveal all the beauty of Koufonissia architecture.

The main settlement is actually a characteristic example of Cycladic architecture with picturesque churches and houses that remain untouched by time. Well-decorated streets with flowers, children playing in the courtyards and couples enjoying a walk at the romantic paths of Koufonisia Chora at night is the beauty of the island. The typical house in Koufonisia island consists of a bedroom, a kitchen and a large room that was used as a living room.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional Cycladic architecture.