Museums in Koufonisia

Koufonisia islands have been the center of the Cycladic civilization, as revealed by many of its archaeological finds, in the site of Pano Koufonisi. In the ancient site of Keros you can see exhibits of major interest like hundreds of marble statuettes, among them is an imposing life-size statue and the figurines from the Cycladic period.

Today, one can find them at the Archaeological Museum of Athens and the Naxos Museum. Excavations in Pano Mili have brought to light several vaulted tombs from Hellenistic and Roman times and paleochristian relics. Koufonisia is actually a museum itself offering a great range of exhibits from various periods.

On July 2011, the mayor of Koufonisia set up a small folklore museum, on the site of the old aqueduct, at the center of the village. The museum focuses on the traditional and cultural heritage of Koufonisia and many locals were involved in its creation. The small collection consists of items, tools and a great photo archive from the old days.