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Ios Papa beach: The idyllic hidden cove lies to the south of Kalamos. This rather secluded cove is surrounded by cliffs covered with vast plantation. The beach is not organized but the golden sand and the crystal clear waters compose the beauty of Papa.

This is the ideal destination to relax and enjoy the stillness and the natural environment. The calm waters of Papa offer a unique diving experience. The beach lacks modern facilities, like umbrellas and sundecks. Papa receives only little number of visitors, therefore you will have the opportunity to enjoy private moments in this idyllic location.

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  • patrickv 15 Jun 2008
    Great waters
    To my mind, Papa has the best water on Ios!! Extremely clean, it was as if you could clearly see the bottom of the sea and the fish moving around!! Partly isolated but this is good because no annoying people with tennis rackets and beach balls will spoil your time.