Andros Airport

There is no airport in Andros Island. Andros is one of the closest islands to Athens, the capital of Greece, therefore tourists can fly to the International Airport of Athens and travel to Andros by ferry from the port of Rafina, one of the 3 ports of Athens, which is very close to the airport. It takes about 2 hours to go from Rafina to Andros island and ferries are daily.

Alternatively, tourists can arrive in the Airport of Mykonos island that receives many charter flights from abroad in summer, apart from domestic flights. From Mykonos, there are daily ferries to Andros island and other Greek islands.
To get a better understanding of the island's location, view the Map of Cyclades.

To go from the airport of Andros to the port, you can take a taxi or book your Mykonos airport transfer online.

Also, visitors can reach the island of Andros by ferry. There are many ferries to Andros from Athens.

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