Amorgos Katapola Beach

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General information

Katapola Beach Amorgos: Katapola beach is located in the middle of Amorgos Island. This area is famed for its harbour. The harbour at Katapola is one of the finest natural harbours in the Aegean Sea and the Cycladic region.

One can have a glimpse of numerous sailing boats anchoring for shelter here. Katapola beach stretches through three settlements: Katapola, Rahidi and Xilokeratidi. The beach at Katapola is a regular sandy beach.

For the sunbathing tourists the bay at Katapola has perfect shade, which comes as a welcome relief from the blazing sun during the peak summer. While in Katapola, one can cherish the wonders of the nearby settlement of Minoa, which has some ancient archaeological spots open to the tourists throughout the year.



1 Review
  • ped543 31 Oct 2008
    Enjoy some peace in Katapola
    The beach of Katapola is very close to Chora, which is the only village with some descent life on Amorgos. So, if you want to find an accommodation on Amorgos, better go in Katapola which is also the port, as Aegiali, the other most popular spot on the island, is far from Chora. The beach of Katapola is not much organized. There are only a couple of taverns close by. You also have to bring your own umbrella, but that is how almost all beaches on Amorgos work. The coastline of Katapola though is pretty long and clean. It is a perfect beach to enjoy some peace and picturesqueness.