Lassithi Weather

Lassithi weather: The climate of Lassithi is mild, just like the rest of Crete. In the areas of high altitude, the climate is mountainous and there are dramatic changes throughout the year. The peaks of Mt. Dikti are snow-capped while in the rest of Crete the weather is fairly temperate. There is little rainfall in Lassithi but more cloudiness during the day and there are strong winds in the area.

Located in the southernmost point of the continent, is blessed by pleasant warm and dry summers and wild blowy winters. In the summer month’s, particularly during July and August visitors prefer the sheltered beaches.

Average Air & Sea Temperature in Lassithi in °C
  April May June July August September October
Air 17 24 24 26 26 24 20
Sea 17 19 22 24 25 24 23