Lassithi Geography

Lassithi Prefecture is situated in the easternmost part of Crete and is washed by the sea on three sides: the Cretan Sea in the north, the Karpathian Sea in the east and the Libyan Sea in the south. In the east, it borders with Heraklion, and between them rises the mountain range of Dikti. The capital town of Lassithi is Agios Nikolaos.

The geography of Lassithi is mostly mountainous, dominated by the mountain range of Dikti and its continuation, the Sitia Mountains, which stretch from the southern coast to the plain of Sitia in the north. The topology of Dikti abounds in rugged mountain peaks, the highest of which is Spathi at an altitude of 2,148 meters above sea level. Large parts of the massif are forested with pines, oaks, cypresses and maples, while there are also many dramatic gorges, the largest being the Ha Gorge between Ierapetra and Agios Nikolaos.

Dikti forms a number of fertile plateaus and beautiful valleys, the most significant of which is the Lassithi Plateau. It is a place that is literally steeped in history, as, according to some versions of the myth, it was here, in the Dikteon Antron, that Zeus was born. Around the region, there are many monuments that reflect the rich history of this part of Crete.

The coastline of Lassithi is varied, including the large Mirabello Bay, the lagoon of Agios Nikolaos, sandy beaches, as well as small and large ports. The exotic Vai Beach, in particular, stands out for its lush palm tree forest, the biggest one on European soil. The islands that belong to the prefecture are numerous and very interesting, mostly for their natural beauty. The most famous one is Spinalonga, an islet fortified by the Venetians, which later became a leper colony. Other noteworthy islets are that of Agioi Pantes, which has been converted into a wildlife refuge for the kri kri Cretan wild goat, Chrissi, a NATURA 2000 protected area that is home to an endemic cedar species, as well as Pseira and Dionysades, where there are archeological findings.

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