Local products of Lassithi

Discover the local products of Lassithi!

The products of Lassithi have been famous since ancient times. In the Minoan era, its wines and olive oil traveled around the Mediterranean and the East as gifts to the kings. Today, they are distributed in the international markets and are widely credited for their outstanding quality, with the Lassithi olive oil having won numerous awards. Among those products are wine, honey, and homemade sweets.

Free grazing in the mountains of Lassithi has resulted in the production of dairy products, like mizithra, anthotyro, kefalotiri, graviera, feta, xynogalo and yogurt. Of unique interest are the fruit and vegetables which grow in the fertile fields of Lassithi and the area of Ierapetra, also known as the Kitchen Garden of Europe, due to the fact that large quantities of the produce are exported. The area is particularly renowned for its high-quality tomatoes, potatoes, pulses and herbs.

It is no wonder that these blessings of nature have deeply influenced the gastronomic art of Lassithi. While in the region, don't miss the chance to try out the various meat and fish recipes, as well as the sofegada, a hearty vegetable stew from Lassithi that includes an assortment of seasonal greens like zucchinis, peppers, potatoes, eggplants, leeks and various spices and herbs. Of course, like the rest of Crete, Lassithi also has a rich tradition in sweet or salty pastries, like the famous mizithra pies, kalitsounia, kserotigana and marzipan.

At the same time, Lassithi is one of the few places where folk tradition is still alive. The locals specialize in many forms of handicraft, like ceramics, iconography, embroidery, jewelry-making and the fabrication of musical instruments. Plenty of workshops can be found in the picturesque streets of Lassithi, promoting the traditional local products.