Local products of Heraklion

Cretan products are famous for their nutritional value and their excellent quality all over the world. The products of Heraklion are many and exceptional. Olive oil is the secret of the Cretan diet and the secret for good health and longevity. In all areas of Crete, you can find excellent olive oil. Cheese is another product that is highly appreciated by the Cretans and is essential any time of the day, to accompany the wine or tsipouro (locally made), like a dessert or appetizer and as an ingredient in the traditional Cretan recipes.

In addition, legumes, cereals, fruits, and vegetables play a major role in the Cretan diet. The homemade bread and crackers are consumed in high portions as well as legumes like beans. In the case of vegetables, there is a large variety according to the season like green beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, onions and others which are grown on the lush green mountains of Crete.

Crete is blessed with a wonderful nature, therefore the production is endless in many products which have extensive use in the daily life of every human. The thyme honey of Crete is world-famous for its purity and high nutritional value. All the products that were previously mentioned are widely credited for delivering outstanding results in the health of the people around the world.