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General information

Karteros Beach is located directly to the east of Heraklion Airport. It is a sandy beach very close to Heraklion Town, accessible by city bus. Its main attractions are the low-flying airplanes approaching and leaving the airport and the Karteros Sports Centre, the largest beach sports facility in the Balkans; this was established in 2022, and hosts international tournaments including beach volleyball, beach tennis, beach soccer, and beach handball, as well as beach karate and wrestling.

Karteros Beach is also home to a number of beach bars and cafes, while its western end sees the Karteros River empty into the sea, giving rise to a small wetland. Just across the National Road, one can find the church of Saint John and Saint Nikon, which is actually built into a cave in the rockface.

Occasionally, the nearby horseback riding academy brings its horses down from the village of Karteros onto the sandy coast, offering an exciting sight for beachgoers.

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