Heraklion Psari Forada beach

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General information

Psari Forada Beach is a lovely, quiet destination located 76 km southeast of Heraklion Town and 65 km west of Agios Nikolaos. The beach is long and sandy, while two capes enclose it on both sides, protecting it from strong winds.

Although the beach is not organized, there are some water sports facilities. Fish taverns and rooms to rent can be found in the village above as well. The closest tourist resort is Myrtos, while the region also has many secluded beaches where you can relax.

Several theories exist when it comes to the singular name Psari Forada, which means "grey-haired mare" in Greek. According to one of them, a Turkish Aga once left his favorite mare to die of thirst there, in an attempt to show off his power. The most popular version, though, claims that when a Byzantine fleet under General Theophilus came to chase the Saracen pirates away from the island, the General’s horse went lame. Not wanting to put it down, he left it there, so that the local residents could take care of it.

Psari Forada Map

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