Chania Kefali

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General information

Κefali is a small village located southwest of Chania Town at a rather high altitude, 460 meters above sea level. This mountainous village is surrounded by a stunning verdant landscape and unending natural beauty, as human presence in the vicinity is hard to find.

The village is home to fewer than 50 people, yet has a couple of tavernas and accommodations situated on its main street. The locals are more than happy to help out a weary traveler on their way to Crete’s southwestern tips, for example, to swim at Elafonisi Beach.

By following the narrow alleyways to the south of the main street, one can reach the local church, dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ. The church dates back to 1320 AD and its frescos preserve their original, centuries-old, beauty. They were painted by two artists, with one following a more traditional Greek style and the other carrying more Western influences.
Next to the church stands the residence of the area’s Venetian and subsequently Ottoman rulers, and it is said that the village gets its name from a decapitation carried out against a local Cretan rebel, whose head was thrown into the valley below from this tower.

The small parking lot on the main street offers a stunning view of the valley below and the rolling hills on both sides, a brilliant example of Crete’s mountainous topography.

Kefali Map

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