Chania Rodopos

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General information

Rodopos is a lovely small village, located 30 km west of Chania Town on the Rodopou Peninsula. It is situated at an altitude of 259 meters and surrounded by a wild, verdant landscape. It is scarcely inhabited and remains untouched by tourist development, preserving its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The village boasts beautiful traditional roads and edifices made of stone, strongly influenced by Venetian architecture.
During the 1834 census, it was noted that 99 families inhabited the village, out of which 96 were Christian and 3 were Muslim. Later on, in 1881, 130 families were recorded, all of which were Christian.

In the center of Rodopos lies a charming square named after politician Ioannis Polichronidis, where his bust has been erected. Nearby, there is a monument dedicated to the inhabitants of Rodopos who lost their lives at war.

At the village, you will find all the necessary accommodations, like grocery stores, cafes, and bakeries. If you're looking for a place to stay, the options are quite limited, but you can find various hotels and villas in the nearby villages, like Kissamos and Kolimbari.

Rodopos Map

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