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Stylos is a lovely village situated 18 km southeast of Chania Town, built amidst lush surroundings, offering a clear view of the island’s rural life in Crete. The village displays an authentic Cretan character with its stone-built houses and narrow paths that compose a really unique, picturesque atmosphere. Plane tree forests and natural springs dot the region, creating an ideal environment for hiking and other refreshing activities during the summer.

There are a few affordable, traditional taverns and cafes in Stylos where you can taste wonderful homemade specialties. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the delicious local pork chops and lamb, barbecued with charcoal. The area is not very touristically developed, which is why you won’t find many hotels and apartments there. If you’re looking for a place to stay, you can reside in the nearby villages.


More about Stylos

The village has a long history dating back to Minoan times, as suggested by the tombs and ruins that have been discovered in the area.
During the Greek War of Independence in 1821, the Turks attacked the rebels who were barracked in the village but were defeated. Stylos was also the location where the Revolutionary Assembly of 1878 took place.
In World War II, intense battles took place in Stylos, where the locals hid some of the allied troops that fled to Sfakia. This escape was made possible thanks to the help of Australian and New Zealand forces, who fought hard to delay the movement of the German army to the area.

Near Stylos lies the famous Diktamos Gorge, which is surrounded by wonderful flora and fauna. The village is also known for its natural water springs, where the renowned Samaria water comes from. In the area, you will find countless churches and monasteries, such as the Byzantine church of Saint John and the 12th-century church of Panagia Zerviotissa, also known as Monastira. In fact, outside Saint John Church, you will see an impressive, large fossil dating back to the Pleistocene period. It’s the skeleton of an animal related to today’s manatees, and it’s in very good condition.
About 6 km from the village, you can visit the ruins of Ancient Aptera. Between the 4th and 6th centuries BC, Aptera used to be an autonomous city with its own currency and one of the most important urban centers in Crete.

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