Chania Papadiana

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General information

Papadiana is a microscopic village, home to fewer than 10 people. Situated at 760 meters above sea level, it is made up of just a few farmhouses almost completely concealed by the vibrant forest which spreads downhill from here.
The village is located 30 kilometers southwest of Chania Town, but like all settlements in the area, the mountainous terrain makes the driving distance twice as long. Papadiana is notable as the site of a church consecrated to Saint Nicholas, which is situated on top of a short cliff across the provincial road.

Papadiana is nestled in an ocean of green, with all the forests and olive groves surrounding it making it seem almost untouched by human hands. It is a good stop for anyone seeking to visit as many of Crete’s numerous churches as possible, as at least six more, on top of St. Nicholas, are in its immediate vicinity. It also grants spectacular views of natural beauty, with road trips passing through here guaranteed to astound.

Papadiana Map

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