Chania Greek National Football Team Museum

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The Greek National Football Team Museum in Chania is the first and only museum of its kind. It started as an idea after Greece captured the UEFA European Football Championship in 2004 against Portugal. The Panhellenic Fans Club of the National Greek Team decided to start a collection of items related to the National Team; the museum is a showcase of that collection!

In this small venue, you can find a big piece of Greece’s football history. With over 2.000 exhibits and 400 football shirts, collected from 2004 until now, you can experience the history of the country’s national football team as if you were living it! In the museum, you may see some authentic and signed football shirts from Greece’s star players from its success in the Euros until now. You can also see shirts and memorabilia from famous opponents of Greece, as well as a replica of the championship trophy of 2004!

The museum is free to the public and located in the heart of the old town of Chania. It is dedicated, not only to the fan club but to all the anonymous supporters of the Greek National Team who have followed them through thick and thin!

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