Chania Catholic Cathedral

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Location: Town

The Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is located in Chania Old Town. It nowadays serves as the meeting place of the Catholic population of the region, whose presence on the island has been noteworthy for centuries. The church was built in 1879, and its architecture is neoclassical with some influence from the Renaissance period.

The church was originally built at its current location in 1844 and was a small, single-aisled chapel. Several years later, in 1874, it was declared the Cathedral of Chania Town. However, the building was small in size and in poor condition because of the earthquakes that had hit Crete. As a result, it was taken down and replaced by the building that houses the Catholic Cathedral until today. The construction took place in 1879, under the initiative of the first Catholic bishop of the island, Aloisio Cannavo.

The church is located right in the center of Chania Town, which makes it easily accessible.



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