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General information

Menies Beach is a small secluded beach on the northeast corner of the Rodopos Peninsula. The beach is in an area of the peninsula that both locals and tourists did not reach often, because until recently the dirt road you needed to cross to get there was rough. Although boat trips from the nearby village of Platanias are offered, Menies could only be reached from the mainland by driving a 4x4 car, through this coarse road. However, important upgrades to the infrastructure have been made and it is now much easier to access, making it a must for fans of peaceful unorganized beaches.

Menies Beach contains a blend of sand and small white pebbles and its deep waters have a distinct ocean-like color. It is surrounded by a tall mountainous terrain with a few cedar trees growing around it. Due to this fact, the waters are not affected by the area’s frequent northwestern winds that cause waves to form on the nearby beaches. The scenery and its calm waters offer serene moments in an area far away from the big cities of Crete.
Along the cliffs, a small trail can lead to an ideal diving spot or provide a special hiking opportunity.

The surrounding area has major historical significance for the island. About 1 km southwest of the beach you can find the old monastery of Agios Georgios, built in the 9th century but was abandoned due to constant pirate attacks. Furthermore, Menies, referred to as Diktina in ancient Greece, was a sanctuary for the goddess Artemis and various other ancient Greek deities connected to hunting and nature. It is thought to have been built around 530 BC and was frequently visited by all Cretans. Old ruins of the sanctuary and the old harbor can still be found near the beach and at the northernmost point of the peninsula.

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