Chania Macherida beach

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General information

Macherida Beach is a small secluded bay, just 14 km northeast of Chania. The bay is situated next to a knife-shaped cape, hence the name of the beach (macheri means knife in Greek). Another interpretation of the beach's name is owed to the flower macherida (Gladiolis italicus) which is also reminiscent of a knife and frequently grows in the area.

Macherida is sandy with a few scattered pebbles and larger rocks. Its waters are deep and teal in color and its currents keep changing direction throughout the day due to the climate and its proximity to the open sea. The beach is unorganized, but there are a few establishments close to it.

The beach is surrounded by a cliffside and lush vegetation. Behind it, you can see the small Lake Macherida. This lake is a wetland and a biome for all kinds of birds, turtles and grass snakes.

Macherida Map

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