Chania Kedrodasos beach

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General information

Kedrodasos Beach is one of the many hidden treasures of Crete! This unspoiled beach is situated 76 km southwest of Chania and just 2.5 km from the beautiful Elafonisi Beach. This beach offers a long shore with white sand, sparsely situated black rocks and crystal-clear arctic waters. It is a sandy paradise, untouched by humans, as it is protected because of its special characteristics.

The beach is quite hard to locate without a map or some help from the locals since no road signs can lead you to it. However, once you cross the main dirt road that leads you to the beach, it is much easier. That is when you come across the vast cedar tree forest of the area. Kedrodasos owes its name to those cedar trees since kedros is the cedar tree and dasos is the forest in Greek. The forest surrounds the almost 27-acre beach, providing an image from a tropical island of the Caribbean in the process.

Kedrodasos is a beach that can offer unique moments of peace and quiet. The beach is also a great opportunity for windsurfers, because of its extensive shoreline!

Kedrodasos Map

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