Attica Geography

Information about the geography of Attica, Greece: Attica is a triangular peninsula jutting into the Aegean Sea. From three sides, this peninsula is watered by gulfs of the Aegean Sea, while at the northern side it borders with Boetia through the 16km long mountain range of Kithairon. To the west, it also borders with the Corinth Canal.

The geography of Attica in Greece has various features. In the center of the peninsula, there is a large basin where the entire metroplex of Athens-Piraeus has been constructed. This basin is surrounded by four mountains: Hymettus, Parnitha (the highest mountain of Attica), Egaleo and Penteli.

To the east of Mount Hymettus, there is the plain of Mesogia, a totally different landscape than the urban style of Athens. In Mesogia, you will actually see large vineyards and in fact, many wineries are spread in this region.

In the mountains Parnitha and Penteli, there are large forests of pine trees and shrubberies that actually refresh the atmosphere of the Greek capital. Very frequently in winter, these forests are covered with snow. On the northeastern side of Attica, there is Lake Marathon, an artificial lake created by damming in 1920 that serves are the water reservoir of Athens.

Geography in each region

Information about the geography in the regions of Attica: