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Location: Syntagma

Draxmi Bar is located in Syntagma, on Kolokotronis Square, across from the Old Parliament of Greece. It is a small bar, in the heart of Athens, open from early in the morning until late at night, that gathers large crowds both on the inside and outside of the bar, especially during the summer months!

Draxmi Bar is named after Greece's previous currency and Europe's oldest currency, the drachma. The drachma coin can be identified all over the bar's mostly wooden decoration. The venue of the bar is two opposing spaces, each of which has a long bar and plenty of stools and tables to sit at. Those who wish to visit Draxmi should not be discouraged, if they see the bar full since many people choose to order their drink to go and stay just outside of the bar, where they can chat with each other and listen to the bar's lively funk, disco and rock tunes!

Draxmi is a melting pot of different guests and faces. When visiting the bar, one can see local actors and celebrities out for a drink after their performance or Athenian students looking to relax after a stressful day. Its proximity to the center of Athens means that every day a new crowd of different individuals appears!

Draxmi is open in the mornings for a refreshing cup of coffee, while at night it offers a wide selection of fruity signature cocktails. These cocktails include the Draxmi Draxmi, a Julep cocktail with whiskey, or the Lapu Lapu, a tiki drink with aged rum and exotic fruit. The bar also offers all the classic cocktails, albeit with their own unique twist.



Extra Features

  • Outdoor Seating

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  • Romantic Atmosphere
  • Special occasions
  • Large groups



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