Athens Mavro Lithari beach

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General information

Mavro Lithari Beach in Athens: The beautiful seashore of Mavro Lithari is a sand-and-pebble coast featuring lots of fine sand grains and shingle stones, as well as some seaweed! The sparkling waters are Mavro Lithari’s main attraction, whereas its seabed is gradually deepening, making it a very good destination for swimming lovers!

Mavro Lithari is a fully organized beach since it has plentiful sunbed pairs and straw umbrellas for rent, all of which are offered by the on-the-shore beach bar! The namesake bar can also offer refreshments and quick snacks to its visitors
Guests will also spot a diving center near the coast, providing them with an exciting experience in Mavro Lithari’s excellent waters!

Mavro Lithari Map

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