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General information

Kavouri Athens: Kavouri is a nice coastal region located quite close to the city centre, about 20 km from Athens. In this area, you will find a few nice coves that are free to access.
Some of them are sandy and others are covered with small pebbles. Kavouri is easily accessible by public bus or car.
The most popular beaches are Mikro Kavouri and Megalo Kavouri.

Mikro Kavouri

Mikro Kavouri is an excellent choice for swimming and sunbathing and it is considered a family-friendly beach because of its safe shallow waters and large open space.
It is sandy, with nice beach facilities and plenty of cafes and restaurants located right by the sea.
The seashore is suitable for beach games, like beach volleyball and other activities.
The beach is surrounded by greenery and you will also find sunbeds and sun umbrellas to rent at some parts, as well as a car parking area.

Megalo Kavouri

Megalo Kavouri has a large cove with shallow waters that has both sandy and rocky sections.
This area is less organized than Mikro Kavouri, although you will discover a few taverns.
This is not a good option if you are looking for a less crowded beach, especially on weekends. On the beach, there are some sun umbrellas that are free to use.
This is a nice area for an evening walk. From there you can reach a cute tiny beach of Thespidos.



1 Review
  • lagiplan00 07 Aug 2018

    Kavouri Beach rents beach umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach located in front of the DIVANI Hotel (Mikro Kavouri). It is the only spot in the area that has a clean sea with sand, since the rest are dirty and full of seaweed. The umbrellas are small and do not provide enough shade. Its biggest disadvantage, however, is that it does not provide any safety to its customers. The street where the business is located (Akti Street) attracts a large number of thieves and bums who lurk to grab the swimmers’ stuff (I personally became the victim of one of them). The staff of Kavouri Beach is completely irresponsible and indifferent to the safety of its customers; the only thing that is of interest to them is to collect the money for the sunbeds.

    So the question that arises is quite simple: Would you take the big risk of losing your belongings (money, documents, etc.) and become embarrassed or would you prefer another organized beach where they respect their customers?