Athens Glyfada Beach

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Glyfada Athens: Glyfada beach is found in front of the famous coastal settlement where many Athenians visit during the summer season.
It is located 16 km south of the city of Athens. In Glyfada, you will not find the typical pristine beaches, but you wil surely enjoy a refreshing swim at the crystalline waters and a relaxing sunbath.

The area is filled with trendy cafes, cozy restaurants and lively bars for all types.
Most of the beaches in Glyfada are public but you may find some private beaches (with an entry fee) which are less crowded.
The area is easily accessed by many local buses from the city centre and via tram.

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1 Review
  • vasilikiang 16 May 2011
    Actually like a house
    A nice large cafe that actually has the design of a house, with a garden of lawn, library selves, room with TV, study desks with computers and a very large balcony right on the beach. Service was good and quick, but as expected prices are a bit high than normal. Large parking space and easy to access by public means also. The best thing was the view, especially at the sunset.

    A firey red sun going down the sea in a pink-orange background, amazing! Sit outside (if you find a table). On Sunday and Saturday evenings, it is packed. I liked that the chairs and tables vary in design, there were chairs like large cushions on the floor, small colourful chairs for children and even sunbeds on the beach were used by guests to have a coffee. The beach had very soft sand and the water seemed shallow. Lounge pleasant music.