Attica Architecture

Information about the Architecture in Attica, in Greece, and also information about architecture in Athens: The Attica architecture is dominated by the unorganized urban planning of Athens, with many blocks of flats and few green parks. The city of Athens, particularly, has two aspects of Greek architecture: the classical architecture that is depicted in the many ancient temples and sites, and the modern architecture, dominated by high buildings and busy avenues. Some buildings, particularly in the city center, have kept their Neoclassical architecture, but in the suburbs, the architecture is modern.

However, in the rest of Attica, the architecture is not that brutal. You can find small towns with detached houses and very few high buildings, ample squares and parks. As you drive away from the city center, you will notice that many of these towns look like villages, such as Marathon, Kalamos, Oropos, Artemida or Malakasa and other Attica villages. The largest towns in the peninsula of Attica Greece, except the urban region of Athens, are Rafina and Lavrion, but still, these towns are small and not that busy. Rafina and Lavrion get particularly busy only in summer, as their ports serve ferries to the islands.

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