Meteora Agios Vissarionas Bridge

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Location: Pyli

The Bridge of Agios Vissarionas in Meteora, Thessaly: The stone bridge of Porta or of Agios Vissarionas, named after its founder Saint Vissarion, is situated 1.6 km to the west of Pyli village. The bridge lies amidst a remarkable landscape between the large masses of Aspropotamos and Agrafa mountain chains. This one-arched bridge stands at a height of 13.30 meters with a diameter of 28.20 meters. The side walls have a width of 0.30 meters with a height of 0.70 meters. The total expansion (length) of the bridge stands at 65 meters.

The bridge was built in 1514 with the initiative of the aforementioned Saint Vissarion, who had a reputation for launching many public works benefiting the common people who financed the construction of this impressive bridge. Its construction was important because until 1936 this was the only way to connect the plain of Trikala with the villages of Aspropotamos.



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