Map of Thessaly

Discover our Map of Thessaly, in Greece but also maps of many locations of the region: Thessaly is located on the northern side of the country. It borders with Macedonia on the north, Epirus on the west, Sterea on the south, while from the east it is watered by the Aegean Sea. Thessaly is a region with few tourist developments and particularly in certain places. In fact, Meteora and Pelion are the most tourists developed places of Thessaly, while the rest of the region is restricted to the local economy.

The largest towns of Thessaly are Larissa and Volos, which are also considered among the largest towns in Greece. Larissa is the agricultural and industrial center of Thessaly, while Volos has developed due to its port that serves as a transportation hub for the Sporades islands.

This section proposes a Thessaly map with all the major locations of the region. You can also get informed about the Geography.

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Map Of Thessaly