Thessaly Geography

Information about the Geography of Thessaly, in Greece: Thessaly is one of the geographical regions in Greece and occupies the east side of Pindus. It extends south of Macedonia to the Aegean Sea. The mountain range includes Mount Olympus and between them are many rivers and valleys. The main river of Thessaly is Penios and runs the entire area. The total surface area of Thessaly is 14,036 It borders with the regions of Western and Central Macedonia, from the south with Sterea region, from the west with Epirus region and from the East with the Aegean Sea.

The geography of Thessaly consists of endless beautiful valleys, imposing mountains and stunning landscape. Its terrain is mainly mountainous and flat covered by an endless plain, the largest plain in Greece formed by the lowlands of Trikala and Larissa, the capital of Thessaly.

It also offers an abundance of mineral resources like chromite, manganese, and iron. The lush green forests that cover the areas of Thessaly consist of black pine trees and chestnuts. The woods and other natural resources for the locals' needs derive from these forests. The climate of Thessaly is basically continental, except Pelion where the climate is Mediterranean with many sea currents.

Geography in each region

Information about the geography in the regions of Thessaly: