Thessaly products

Information about the local Products of Thessaly, in Greece but also information about local products in many locations of the region: Thessaly is characterized by its rich diversity which can be seen in people and traditions. The main Thessaly products are milk, yogurt, butter and a large variety of cheese. In the past, every household had a garden where they cultivated many vegetables and fruits. The region of Thessaly represents 40% of the total agricultural production in Greece, offering many products which are beneficial for the daily diet.

The fertile plains and the mild climate of Thessaly mountains create the ideal conditions for the production of various products, in agriculture and cattle-breeding. The gifted nature, with the endless valley, lost in the open horizon, the great care of the locals provide the excellent quality of the products. Eggs and dairy products, grapes and nice wine, olives and the precious olive oil, a large variety of fruits and vegetables are all products which relate to the healthy diet.

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