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Ancient Site: Delphi is one of the most significant historical sites in Greece and it is renowned for its archaeological discoveries. It is a must visit place for the connoisseurs of art and culture. The area of Delphi retains its authentic character and most of the oldest findings date from the Neolithic period.

Some of the most important sightseeings in Delphi are the ancient settlement and cemetery, but the most famous is the Oracle of Delphi. In ancient times, Delphi was considered by the Greek inhabitants the centre of the world. During the Mycenaean period, Delphi was the place of worship as it has played a significant role in the Greek history.

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2 Reviews
  • vasilikiang 19 Jan 2011
    Needs restoration
    Not very different than the other ancient theatres in Greece, maybe less well preserved. It certainly needs restoration. It is located on top of the hill, just above the Temple of Apollo, on the way to the Stadium. But the view... ah, amazing! Great view to green hills, abrupt mountainsides and the southern part of the site (temple of Athena Pronea and Gymnasium, beneath the road). By the way, I heard that there is a plan to unite the two parts up and down the road with the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Sikelianos and Delphi village. Good idea, but I have a feeling that it will take long :-)
  • vasilikiang 19 Jan 2011
    Amazed by the statue details
    A very interesting museum that needs about an hour, an hour and a half to get around. The best museum after the one in Olympia. It has many impressive findings. I loved the Sphinx and its size is so large that you can't believe it would actually stand on top of a column. The statues were also gorgeous, you feel you can actually touch many of them. Isn't it amazing how they could carve on the marble even the slightest detail of the human body, a vein, the nail of a toe, the eye brushes, the ear lobe? I was fascinated! After all the treasuries I had seen in the previous rooms, eventually I was not that impressed by the famous Charioteer (exhibited in the last room) except for his eyes that were painted and looked real.

    Once you get into the museum, there is a miniature of the site in the ancient times. There I heard a tour guide telling that over the years the temples and the oracles had been destroyed (by wars, rock slidings, earthquakes, etc) and covered by clay, so it actually looked like a mountainside. On the slopes of this mountain, a village had been built, so archaeologists had to move the entire village (to where modern Delphi are now, about 2km far) to start excavations. Pretty shocking, eh?