Travel to Arachova by bus, car

There are daily buses from Athens to Arachova from Liossion KTEL Bus Station in Athens. The trip lasts about 3 hours. Liossion KTEL Bus Station is located close to Attiki Square, in the center of Athens. To go there, passengers take the metro line to Attiki Station and then a bus or taxi to Liossion KTEL Station. The walking distance between Attiki and Liossion is about 20-30 min.

Travel to Arachova by car

Arachova can be reached by car in about 3 hours drive from Athens. Drivers take the National Highway Athens-Lamia and in the junction of Thebes (about 90 km from Athens), they follow the signs to Levadia. They pass Levadia and continue to Arachova. The total distance from Athens to Arachova is about 180 km. Arachova is only 10 km before the ancient site of Delphi.

If you are coming from Thessaloniki, you take the National Road Thessaloniki-Athens and after you pass Lamia, you turn right in the junction of Bralos, following the signs to Bralos, Amfissa, and Delphi. Arachova is about 10 km after Delphi. The distance Thessaloniki-Arachova is about 370 km.

Tours to Arachova from Athens

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