Arachova Itea beach

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General information

Itea beach Arachova: Itea Beach is placed on the Crissean Gulf, in the area of the homonymous port. The proximity of Itea beach to this port poses several advantages as well as a couple of drawbacks. To start with, the place counts on the necessary facilities to make a comfortable stay on Itea Beach. Enjoy the traditional dishes and drinks near the port. The area offers plenty of accommodations by the sea.

The beach surrounding areas offer good tree shade to compensate for the high summer temperatures, and this fact really honours its name, meaning willow trees. Some time ago, the willow woods in the area of Itea Beach used to reach the shore. No wonder the place was named that way.

Another great advantage of Itea beach is that its waters are excellent for swimming. The local residents say that no tourist visits the beach and resists the temptation to plunge into Itea's crystal blue waters.

Regarding the two drawbacks mentioned at the beginning, they are common to many beaches located near a port. First, Itea Beach can get a little noisy, and secondly, its waters are not so clean in the area surrounding the harbour. However, if visitors move along the coast line just as far as 100 or 200 metres they will find the clean and peaceful Itea Beach that they deserve.



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