Byzantine Monuments of Skopelos

The Byzantine Monuments of Skopelos: During the Byzantine period, Skopelos was used as a place of exile due to its secluded location. Many noblemen or political opponents of the Byzantine emperors were frequently exiled in Skopelos, where they constructed monasteries and towers for their residing.

Some of the most beautiful sights of the island were actually built during the Byzantine rule. Among the numerous monasteries on the island, the most important is the Monastery of Timiou Prodromou and of Panagia Evangelistria. As the pirate raids and enemy attacks were very frequent that time, the architecture of these monasteries resembles forts.

However, there are many other Byzantine monasteries on the island, especially around Skopelos Town. The monasteries of Agios Riginos and Agia Varvara are worth a visit. Some of them are inhabited until today, while others are abandoned and open only on the name day of their saints.