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Koukounaries Beach: This is the most famous beach in Skiathos, therefore the most crowded. It is well-known for its extremely fine white sand and its fragrant pine trees forest from which the region took its name. It is considered as one of the best beaches of Greece but was also voted the most unspoiled natural beach of the Mediterranean. The beautiful crystal-clear deep blue waters are a real pleasure. Since the beach is well-organized, it offers many water sports, chairs, umbrellas, beach bars.

The region around the beach is full of restaurants, taverns and some hotel units. A local bus links this beach to the capital every 30 minutes. A biotope can be found in the pine forest boarding the beach where different species of plants and birds are protected. This place, as well as the beach, is developed for ecotourism, financed by the Municipality and the European Union.

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  • ivana26 04 Dec 2008
    Beach bars and sport clubs
    Koukounaries is one of the most famous beaches on Skiathos. Surrounded by a lot of greenery, it looks great from above. The water is very clean and there are some beach bars and sport clubs around. Kounanaries gets very busy and lively in summer. If you are an active type, you will love it. If you are looking for some quiet, better go in May or September, when the peak season is off but the weather is still good. In a small cove close to Koukounaries, I saw some naturists. I don't know though if it is an official naturist beach.