Alonissos Small Islets

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Location: Patitiri

Alonissos islets: The coast of Alonissos lies surrounded by some beautiful islets which are all uninhabited but extremely famous for their unspoiled and rich environment. Some of them are Peristera, Kyra Panagia, Yioura, Piperi, Psathoura, Papous, and Skantzoura.

Peristera is the closest islet to Alonissos and lies on the east side with a few inhabitants, some shepherds, and lovely sandy coves. Campers are tolerated only on one beach known as Barbecue Bay, where fires are allowed. Remains of an old castle can be seen in Peristera. The islet has two natural harbors: Peristeri and Vasiliko.

Kyra Panagia or else Pelagonisi is the largest islet of the uninhabited islets of north Sporades and lies north of Alonnisos. Today, it counts on 10 inhabitants who live permanently on this island. It owns its name from the post-Byzantine monastery of Kyra Panagia which is built on the east side of Alonissos and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The islet, as well as the monastery, belongs to the Megisti monastery of Agia Lavra of Mount Athos. Kyra Panagia islet is part of the marine park of Alonnisos and one of the shelters for the Mediterranean seals. It is accessible by boat from Patitiri.

Yioura is one of the most famous caves in Alonissos. It is routed for the stalactite cave known as the Cyclops Cave where Odysseus was imprisoned by Polyphemus (one of the most famous Cyclops), son of Poseidon, according to the Greek mythology. The service of a guide is necessary to visit this cave. A rare species of wild goats live on Yioura, as well as many rare plants.

In the islet of Psathoura lies the brightest and tallest lighthouse of the Aegean as well as the remains of a submerged ancient town, believed, by some, to be the ancient Alonissos. Psathoura is a volcanic islet with unique dark-colored rocks. It is one of the most photographed islets in Alonnisos.

Piperi is located north-east of Alonissos, near Yioura and is a refuge for sea-birds and the famous monk seals. It is covered by lush green pine forest and constitutes the center of the National Marine Park of Alonnisos. It is forbidden to go on this islet without a scientific license.

Skantzoura is one of the uninhabited islets of Alonnisos that will simply take your breath away with its majestic caves and natural beauty.

Papous is one of the smallest islets with a lovely church situated between Kyra Panaghia and Yioura.



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