Hydra Center of Artistic Creation

Hydra as an Inspiration for Artists, in the Saronic: Hydra is considered as one of the most important centers of artistic creation in Greece. Since the 1950s Hydra has hosted a plethora of renowned personalities of the arts and letters, international and Greek artists who made this island a unique destination.

Hydra was a true inspiration for many artists, among them is the famous painter Nikos Xatzikiriakos-Ghikas, a multi-talented man whose artistic skills were shown at a young age. The memories of his childhood in Hydra played a major role in his first works which combined the elements of cubism with nature, light and Greek architecture. Today his works are hosted in world-famous galleries and museums.

The island also provided inspiration to George Seferis, one of the most important Greek poets and Nobel-prize winner. Besides a famous poet, Seferis was also an amateur photographer who captured places and people. Through the lens of the poet, we can see the beautiful Hydra as it was back in the 1940s. The first photo that survived from Seferis collection is with the writer Henry Miller laughing at the camera and the other is a detail of an Hydrian house.

The poet Odysseas Elytis was greatly inspired by the beautiful backdrop of Hydra and one of his most famous poems titled The Dolphin Girl is dedicated to the island. Henry Miller, a famous 20th-century American writer, fell in love with the landscape of Hydra and spend much time on the island. Miller gives a detailed account of his Greek travels in one of his books The Colossus of Maroussi.