Museums in Aegina

Aegina is an island with a mythical tradition and a history that begins from the Neolithic times. The many ancient sites that exist in the surrounded regions enrich its heritage parts of which can be seen today at the several museums.

Of high interest is the Archaeological Museum of Aegina, known as the first museum that was ever established in Greece. Its world-famous art collection includes magnificent findings from the archaic era, as well as various statues and sculptures from the ancient Temple of Aphaia.

A visit at the Folklore and Historical museum should not be missed offering a nice view to the local tradition and history through an extensive collection that consists of books, documents, furniture and objects of daily use.

In the picturesque neighborhood of Plakakia lies the Christos Kapralos Museum, the workshop of the artist dedicated to the life and work of the famous sculptor. Close to the ancient site of Aphaia lies a small museum. All the exhibits come from the archaeological excavations including architectural parts and smaller items.

Archaeological Museum

Founded in 1829, the Archaeological Museum of Aegina was the first museum to be established in the modern Greek State. The museum is housed in a building constructed in 1980 located near the site of Kolona. It hosts a collection of artifacts from the Temple of Aphaia, a statue from the Temple of Apollo and Neolithic pots.

Christos Kapralos Museum

This museum used to be the workshop of the famous sculptor and now hosts pieces of his work. It is situated in Plakakia neighborhood, Aegina town, close to the house of Nikos Kazantzakis.

Folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum of Aegina is located in the center of the capital town and it houses rare manuscripts, maps, a collection of books, traditional costumes, furniture, and many other items. Cultural events are held in the yard of the museum.

Aphaia Museum

Agia Marina
The Archaeological Museum of Aphaia is located right next to the ancient temple. It houses remains from the temple and findings from the excavations held there.

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