Peloponnese Weather

Information about the Weather in Peloponnese, in Greece but also information about the weather in many locations of the group (average temperatures and forecast): The weather in Peloponnese varies according to the high altitude and the region. It has the characteristics of a typical Mediterranean climate, it is mild and hot on the coast and cooler but very healthy at the center. Peloponnese is gifted with a wonderful climate and the highest temperatures are recorded in the areas of Patra, Kalamata, and Argolida.

The mountainous side of Peloponnese is characterized by low temperatures which form frost and snow will often occur, mostly during the cooler winter period. Rainfall usually occurs in the west side of Peloponnese and the summer brings some high temperatures. The weather on the east side is much weaker with no rain and poor vegetation. The average temperature in Peloponnese ranges from 18 to 19oC. During winter the mountain peaks of Peloponnese are covered with snow.

Weather in each region

Information about the weather in the regions of Peloponnese: