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Information about the local Products of Peloponnese, in Greece but also information about local products in many locations of the region: Peloponnese is a part of Greece where age-old traditions are still preserved ensuring the excellent quality and unique taste of their products. The economy of Peloponnese is based traditionally on cattle-breeding and agriculture. The production of cereals, wine, figs, olives, rice, and cotton is quite common in the areas of Peloponnese. In addition, tobacco is cultivated, similar to other agricultural products, such as vegetables and legumes. The sheep breeding is widely common in the area as well as beekeeping and agriculture.

Some of the best traditional products you will find in the historical regions of Peloponnese is cheese, handmade pasta, dairy products, wine and tsirouro which are locally made, also thyme honey with its aromatic taste and a wide selection of homemade sweets that offer a fascinating experience. Fishing is still common in the coastal areas of Peloponnese like Patra where a great amount of the fish is exported. The area is rich in mineral resources, like manganese and iron.

Peloponnese is also famous for traditional textile products, particularly the textile of Kalamata. The authentic Peloponnese products offer a distinctive taste and excellent quality. Locals began this activity in the late 18th century and early 19th century for practical purposes. The art of weaving is still practiced by the women in the traditional way. Initially, the embroideries portrayed nature themes with green colors mostly. Wondering around Peloponnese you will meet many art workshops specializing in the weaving, pottery and other forms of folklore art.

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