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General information

Nea Mycenae Village Mycenae: In the second millennium BC, the acropolis of Mycenae was one of the most important exponents of Greek culture. It used to be a military fortress dominating the Southern area of Greece and, according to mythology the city was founded by Perseus.

In our days, it is one of the major open air museums in the country, featuring a stunning archaeological site and also a famous tour spot located at 90 kilometres far from Athens, in the Northern Peloponnese.

One of its best known attractions is the Lion Gate, the most characteristic archaeological monument in Mycenae, built in about 1300 BC, representing two rampant lions. In the same area, the archaeologist H. Schliemann also found the Grave Circle, a round-shaped monument containing thirteen graves keeping the remains and the treasures of the nobles of those times. Both monuments were so important for the ancient Mycenaeans that they built the Cyclopean walls around them.

The modern settlement of Mycenae is not in the same area as the ancient site. However, in both locations there is a great variety of lodging options and good restaurants. Most establishments offer modern rooms, although there are also some of them looking in a more traditional, even historical, way. They are located, in general terms, close to restaurants, souvenir shops, or snack stands.

Things to See & Do in Modern Mycenae

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Modern Mycenae Map

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