Mycenae Tomb of Clytemnestra

The Tomb of Clytemnestra in Mycenae: The vaulted tomb of Clytemnestra in Mycenae dates to about 1,200 B.C. Although it is not certain if this is the true tomb of Clytemnestra, it is believed so because of the gold jewelry that was found inside and that must belong to a queen. In the Hellenistic times, an ancient theatre was constructed above the tomb, which resulted in some damages to the roof and the entrance of it. It seems that the tomb had been discovered in the past because many treasures have been stolen.

Clytemnestra was the queen of Mycenae during the Trojan War and the wife of King Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks against the Trojans. Her daughter, Ifigeneia, had been sacrificed by her father, Agamemnon so that the Greek ships could sail to Troy. When Agamemnon came back from the war, Clytemnestra took her revenge killing her husband. This caused the rage of her son, Orestes, who in turn killed his mother to revenge for his father's death. This tragic story inspired the ancient Greek writers and has been the main theme of many ancient tragedies.