Stasio Village in Kyparissia

Information About Stasio

Stasio village Kyparissia: The scenic Stasio village is situated 4 km south of Kyparissia Town. Built at the foothills of Gerania Mountains it offers visitors a breathtaking view of the Ionian Sea and Kyparissia Bay. The name of the villages originates from the story that says that pilgrims on their way to Christianous village (south of Stasio), stopped at the fount of the Church in Stasio to drink water. Stasio literally translates to stop or stand.

Due to urban emigration, only 40 families stayed in Stasio most of whom were old people. The main production of the village is oil and wine, both of which must surely be sampled by all visitors.

The patron saints of the village are Saints Taxiarhes. In Stasio, you will find the country churches of Saint Athanasios, Saint Nikolaos, and the monastery of Saint Ioannis. But the best of them all is the beautiful country church of Prophet Ilias located atop Gerania. It affords a picturesque view of the area.

The Monastery celebrates on 24th of June in memory of Saint Ioannis of Precursor. Crowds of visitors are welcomed at the local celebration on 20th July in the country church of Prophet Ilias.

The patron saint is remembered and celebrated on Saint Taxiarhes Day on 8th November. Another interesting local tradition you can take part in is the Oreganum Feast, where visitors and residents can share free chicken cooked in origanum.

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