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Perdikoneri village Kyparissia: Also known as Podogora, Perdikoneri village is located amphitheatrically at the foothill of a mountain. Located 8 km south of Kyparissia town, the village was initially called Agora. This was due to the fact that Perdikoneri was quite developed and neighboring villagers would come to shop.

The name Agora means market and during the Turkish invasion villagers would shop on foot to be able to hide easily. Hence, the name of the village changed to Podogora, meaning shopping on foot. The original location of Perdikoneri village was changed owing to an epidemic in the area. The name was changed to Perdikoneri due to the water found in the area, and the fact that partridges, known as perdika in Greek, used to drink it.

You will find ancient ruins and churches at the original location of the village in Sfentamia. Some of these churches remain almost intact including that of Saint Nikolaos, Saint Athanasios, Saint Ioannis and Saints Taxiarhes.

Apart from the religious feasts of the name days of the saints, there is also the wine celebration, taking place on the first weekend of August in Perdikoneri, where visitors are offered lots of free wine. The village is a quiet agricultural village with friendly people, who are agriculture workers and cattle breeders. Visitors will get the feel of a classic and rustic Greek village, when visiting Perdikoneri village.

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