Epidaurus Sightseeing

Epidaurus sightseeing
Sightseeing: 11 things to see in Epidaurus, Greece

Ancient Epidaurus is among the most famous archaeological sites in Greece. This ancient site was actually developed around the sanctuary of Asclepius, the healing god. There are still remains from the ancient sanctuary, next of which is the famous Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus with the impressive architecture and the fantastic acoustics. This ancient theatre works even today and hosts ancient Greek dramas in summer. Very interesting sightseeing in Epidaurus is also the small Archaeological Museum on the spot, with statues and other findings from the excavations.

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Best Sightseeing

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This is the most famous ancient theatre in Greece. With amazing harmony and acoustics, this theatre was built in phases from the 4th till the 2nd century BC. In summer, many theatrical performances take place there.

Location: Ancient Site
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The Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus is located next to the Ancient Theatre. Small in size, it hosts interesting findings from excavations in the site.

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The Sanctuary of Asklepios, also called Asklepieion, was a healing center in the ancient times. People would go there to be cured of illnesses and diseases. It is located next to the Ancient Theatre.

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The Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus is located amidst many fruit trees close to the village of Palia Epidaurus. It was built in different stages from the 4th century BC till the Hellenistic times. Some theatre and musical performances take place there in summer.

Best villages

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Location: 15 km from the ancient site of Epidaurus
Description: Ancient (or Palia) Epidaurus is a nice seaside village that gradually develops into a lovely tourist destination. The region has many picturesque coves for swimming and it is surrounded by beautiful pine forests.

Best beaches

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Location: In a walking distance from the village of Ancient Epidaurus
Description: The lovely beach of Palia Epidaurus has sandy and pebbled paths, but the water is clear.

Type: Pebbled, Family Friendly, Partly Organized

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The Great Theatre of Epidaurus
The Great Theatre of Epidaurus
The Great Theatre of Epidaurus
The Great Theatre of Epidaurus
Ancient Theatre, 2005. The best accoustic from Ancient Times up to now!
July 29, 2016: everything ready to appreciate 'Oedipus Rex' in the an ancient theatre which has the better acoustic up to now: The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. It was great, I felt very emotioned!