How to move around Elafonissos?

Elafonissos is a breathtaking place, with exotic beauty and a tranquil atmosphere. It is an ideal destination for anyone who needs to spend some quiet days in total privacy. As it is quite a small island, in Elafonissos there is no need for a wide public transportation system. However, you do have some other ways to move around and explore this lovely island!

Don't forget to get informed about how to get to Elafonissos in order to optimize your travel.

Taxis and private transfers

A taxi is definitely a choice that offers you easy and fast transfer to your destination. You can book a taxi by calling on 0030 695 1484 989.

Car and motorbike rentals

Having a private vehicle is the best option for your transportation around the island. In case you don't have your own car, motorbike or bike, it is an excellent idea to rent one! However, as there are no car rentals on this island, you should rent your vehicle from somewhere else on the mainland and transfer it to Elafonissos by ferry.

Sea buses

A small sea bus, named "Zoumpoulaki", connects Elafonissos with Pounda approximately twice a day. For further information, concerning timetables, you can call on the following phone numbers: 0030 697 6827 296, 0030 694 4786 795

Ferry boat

A ferry boat line connects Elafonissos with Pounda on a daily basis. The route lasts about 10 minutes. For further information concerning timetables, you can reach the Port Authority on the following phone number: 0030 27340 22228



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