Museums in Halkidiki

The natural beauty of Halkidiki is a unique sightseeing itself counting its rich historical background that has led to the creation of several museums. Close to the cave of Petralona where traces of human inhabitants where found lies the Anthropological Museum which hosts a number of fossil fuels, traces and other findings. It is a real depiction of the caves and the first human traces found there.

The ancient sites of Halkidiki are well worth a visit and close to the ancient sites you have the chance to gaze through the rich material of these ancient towns. In Olynthos, there is a great museum with several findings that were brought to light during excavations.

In Polygyros, the capital of Halkidiki, there is an equally interesting museum with hundreds of exhibits from other ancient sites that were discovered in the surrounded regions. In the beautiful area of Ouranopoulis, close to the monastic state of Mount Athos you can admire the Christian Museum with a nice collection of Byzantine items and valuable icons.

The rich tradition of Afytos is displayed in the Folklore Museum that is found there. Poligiros is also home to a similar museum with well-preserved items from the daily life of the locals. In Arnea, you can visit the Historical Museum.

Anthropological Museum

The Anthropological Museum of Petralona is located in close distance to the cave. It hosts a representation of the cave and houses items found inside, like tools, fossils, fire traces, and others.

Historical Museum of Arnea

The Historical and Folklore Museum of Arnea is housed in two-storey traditional mansion that dates from the 18th century. The mansion was recently restored to host this museum, established in 1999.

Folklore Museum of Afitos

The Folklore Museum of Afytos is housed in the traditional house Alevra. It hosts tools of traditional jobs (carpenter, baker, fisherman, horseshoer, shepherd, and others). In summer, there are painting and sculpture exhibitions.

Archaeological Museum of Olynthos

The Archaeological Museum of Olynthos is located right next to the ancient site and includes findings for the excavations. There is also a room dedicated to the restoration process and life in Ancient Olynthos.

Archaeological Museum of Poligiros


(Permanently closed) Situated close to Heroon Square in Poligiros, this Archaeological Museum hosts exhibits from excavations all around Halkidiki, such as the ancient sites of Acanthus, Mende, Olynthos, Potidea, Stagira, and others. Among the exhibits, there are marble statues, funeral columns, parts of temples, weaponry, tools, jewelry, and others.

Christian Collection

The Christian Collection of Ouranoupolis is housed in a small stone building close to the port and in the Tower of Ouranoupolis. The museum hosts icon from the early till the late Byzantine times, wall paintings from churches and various ecclesiastical vessels.

Folklore Museum of Poligiros

The Folklore Museum of Poligiros is housed in an elegant mansion in the center of the city. It houses old furniture, agricultural tools, jewelry, traditional costumes, photographs, and other items. All exhibits were donated by the residents of Poligiros.

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